We welcome you setting the price according to your budget. That helps identify what work is appropriate to give you the most cost-effective solution.

Here's a breakdown of the types of costs and estimates, where possible, of the various expenses typical of a web site. The main cost involves development of the site itself. Other aspects, such as eMail, are "off the shelf." But, your website is specific to you.

This discussion addresses general factors that affect web site costs. For more detail on specific plans along with a Feature/Cost Summary, please visit the Plans page.

Standard Business Site

A typical business site is specific to a business. A basic profile has a main menu with the following categories: Home, About, Service Description, Process, and Contact. This footprint allows for a fine introduction to your company and its services.

Based on your individual domain, the site name echos your business name, and you can use eMail at your domain.

Once we understand your web site goals and budget, we will submit a fixed-bid proposal. The aspects noted above for the basic site hold true here.

This page identifies cost factors overall. For more detailed information about

Item Cost Description
Domain Name Required: typically $10-15/year for annual registration of a single domain. It may be desirable to purchase additional domains to protect your name or variations.
Design Based on Proposal Size determined by client.
Email Provided Determined by specific plan.
Hosting/Support $10/month -- discount for full year payment. Hosting only.
Additional Support/Maintenance $50/hour Support or site maintenance needed above that provided in hosting is billed at an hourly rate. Customer is informed prior to work if extra charges will be incurred.


Content Creation

vSC always identifies appropriate content and modifies presented text for the best flow. If content isn't readily available that may need to be created by vSC.


Content is great! It establishes your site as an authoritative source of Internet information. Search engines reward that appropriately. The challenge comes in making information accessible to visitors in organization and wording. So, a 100 page site involves more effort than a 5 page site.


Visitors to some types of sites -- art/photography, upscale shopping for example -- expect a high level of graphical design. Extra time must be devoted to developing the sophistication needed.

Flash sites -- which provide animation -- pose problems in usability as well as SEO. vSC finds it may be appropriate as one aspect of many for a professional touch.


Some systems will need documentation. If so, this will be included in the proposal.


Blogs are a great way to keep a website fresh and also point to content already on one's site.

Calendars, particularly those which allow users to filter on the types of events, are of great value to community and neighborhood groups. They remind of meetings, appointments, and allow those authorized to add and edit events.

Games and other interactive tasks may be appropriate for some sites.

Loyalty Programs

Social networks are the cutting edge these days, and companies are making good use of them. vSC can develop either a social network strategy, or a loyalty program integrated with your main web site.

Group Email

Being able to communicate with potential and current customers as a group adds 2 way communication to your Internet presence. HTML eMail provides an engaging and attractive appearance.


For some businesses, it's a valuable capability, but a sidelight to their core business. Having several products on line -- resources for customers -- both provides a revenue stream and informs the customer base.

For other companies, eCommerce is core.

There are a variety of approaches possible, depending on the role of eCommerce in your company's business. We'll find a cost-effective solution for the smallest to the largest online shopping experience.

High Demand Sites

Web Sites that require significant amounts of storage or anticipate high volumes of traffic will be handled on a case-by-case basis. We'll always use cutting edge techniques such as CDNs, cloud storage to keep additional costs to a minimum.