A "faq" -- a series of "frequently asked questions" responds to the questions that come up, but don't seem to fit neatly elsewhere. If you don't find an answer here about web design or hosting, let us know!


vSC wants to make sure that you're very satisfied with the process as well as the final product. So, we:

  • develop custom sites,
  • typically provide a fixed-price bid for budgeting purposes,
  • offer a money-back guarantee at the completion of the design phase,
  • make all changes within the scope of the proposal & design, and
  • provide a 30 day warranty of the site after delivery.


Typically, we price on a per-project basis. This gives insurance against unexpected charges before the completion of the site.

We base our estimates on many years of software development. This includes the give-and-take typically needed to achieve a superior product.

The contract and design documents are critical to guiding this process. All changes within the scope of those documents are performed at no additional cost. Of course, needed contract and design changes that arise midstream are well accomodated by a change agreement.

Domain Names

Having a domain name for your business is increasingly important. It looks like this -- www.MyCompanyName.com -- just substitute the desired corporate name. All domain-based plans assume that you'll have one.

  • It's inexpensive -- typically $10-15/domain annually.
  • It opens the door for greater visibility on the web both now and in the future.
  • MyName@www.MyCompanyName.com -- insert the appropriate, and you'll have mail coming to you at your domain name, too.
  • Companies often register multiple similar domain names for additional protection or better "findability". vSC can deploy multiple domain name to a single site.

Hosting Options

vSC hosts many applications on its state of the art network. This gives us beginning to end control over quality. It also allows us a platform to deliver cutting edge applications to our clients.

For some applications, it makes sense to outsource to researched and reliable partners. For example, our first choice for hosting photographic studios is a company exclusively devoted to that market.

You may want to host the site yourself. Any environment will be able to serve your site if it consists of static pages. More complex sites will typically be developed on the Windows platform -- for easy integration into the corporate environment. A dedicated IIS server with appropriate firewall protection from the rest of the network will be needed.

You may have another hosting option in mind. We'll discuss that in our initial conversation to determine an appropriate platform. We can turn the website files over to you to deploy, or we can deploy and maintain the site under a service contract. We reserve the right not to deploy or offer support for a hosting group that risks suboptimal service and undue support expense.

eMail Options

An IMAP mail plan is included with all domain-based hosting plans. IMAP is the most advanced eMail protocol which allows you to access your mail from multiple computers through a mail client, or on the web through your browser. This includes 10 mail accounts with unlimited storage.

Google Apps Premier offers an an attractive eMail plan for companies which also includes collaborative document sharing, an intranet for communication with employees and customers, and other features. A credit for one user is given for all domain-based plans.

For those who need and appreciate the full and integrated feature set of Microsoft Exchange, vSC offers a $5 credit per month for domain-based plans.


You do! When the site is deployed, the trademark on the site is in your company name. At any point, you can request the displayed files and those will be provided to you.

Host my Site?

Typically, we don't offer hosting by itself. Much of our hosting value is integrated with our development of your site. Sites developed outside might not be able to take advantage

But, if it's time to refresh your site, and modify or rebuild to take advantage of new design and capabilities, we'd be happy to discuss that along with hosting.

Your Approach?

Design work is done in the design standard Adobe products: Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, InDesign and Acrobat.

All sites are programmed in the languages of the web -- HTML and CSS. This provides the most efficient way of getting your message out, provides the highest performance, and lays the best foundation for "findability" on the web.

Dynamic websites also use the base of HTML and CSS coding, with code to insert dynamic content.

PHP is a prominent server-side language of the Internet and serves as the base of a number of content management systems, including several that vSC uses. MySQL and "no-SQL" databases offer high performance for web applications in this environment.

We also use Microsoft ASP.NET technology for integration into business environments. For database-backend applications, SQL Server is standard, but open source database backends are also feasible.

Don't Do?

Flash-only sites. Flash animation is appropriate for some sites, but presents problems for users' navigation, search engines and the Apple iPhone and iPad. There are skilled Flash design groups who develop sites entirely in Flash; they're well worth seeking out if you require this.

"Black Hat" SEO techniques. Being "found" on the web is increasingly important for all organizations. So much so that some businesses depend on getting a high page rank. They are vulnerable to groups that use techniques that search engines consider illegitimate. Promises of ranking 1st in Google search results are impossible to fulfill. Indeed, your site may be punished and even delisted if the suspect techniques are found out. We know how to design sites and communicate to search engines for the best organic results. Bottom line -- the best way to improve your search results is to increase the value of your site to web visitors.