Purchasing a service is much different than a product. The best websites are purchased as a service -- because they are customized for a specific business. Creating a web site is a creative process -- which starts out with many ideas and concludes with the best of those distilled into the site.

The road map of the process below leads to a high success rate for software development -- a service. The steps in gold indicate points which require both provider and client approval. This greatly reduces risk for the client.

Our Web Site Development Process

  • Organization purpose, style and goals
  • Website purpose, size and budget
  • Existing marketing materials
  • Domain Name, Hosting, eMail plan
  • Support
  • Desired Options
  • Site structure
  • Work schedule
  • Payment schedule
  • Total cost
  • Make agreed upon modifications.
  • Exchange signed contracts.
  • Client downpayment may be requested.
  • Create wireframe PDF document on-line demo.
  • Communicate & implement revisions.
  • Client approves final design.
  • Agreement on the design initiates development.
  • Without agreement, client downpayment, if made, is refunded.
  • Communicate
  • Gather needed content
  • Develop the design
  • All changes within the original scope of the project and site design are made without additional charge.
  • Client approval triggers deployment.
  • Final payment is due.
  • vSC performs technology transfer to the client for: website, support/maintenance, eMail.
  • vSC moves site to domain.
  • vSC sets up eMail, if included.
  • If vSC hosts, all support is done on our network.
  • vSC manages 3rd party hosting relationships, if used.
  • CMS allows client to update changeable information.
  • vSC provides support as agreed upon.

What's the expected Turn Around Time?

  • Larger sites -- 15+ pages -- typically take a month.
  • Projects up to 15 pages -- around 2 weeks.
  • Get Web Connected, The Guild -- typically within a week.
  • Additional factors include: your timeframe, how quickly I receive needed material, and my schedule.