vSC brings a business background and the ability to integrate your company with the Internet.

Identify Your Internet Strategy

It's important to understand your business first -- your industry, your company style, and vision for the future. We'll discuss how the Internet plays a role in that vision. We also want to understand the critical limits of timeframe and budget. The result? A realistic and cost-effective web presence.

Details -- domain name registration, hosting, eMail etc. -- are also critical to address upfront for a successful effort.

Design and Develop the Website

The best web sites engage the visitor with timely and appropriate information presented attractively -- engaging the site visitor and helping them imagine what it's like to work with you. The final step is always one of action: to contact you via eMail, to make a purchase, to join a loyalty group or submit content.

Our web design service partnership is to build that kind of site from the raw materials of business,

Make Your Website findable

Increasingly, we use the Internet to find goods and services, globally and locally.

Your site is built on well-regarded and effective industry Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices which provide for long-term "findability" for your site. Specifically:"

  1. Your site is written with SEO friendly coding techniques.
  2. Major search engines are contacted upon deployment.
  3. Monthly custom "dashboard" traffic reports are generated.

vSC directory services provide additional "findability" for your site.

Some websites require additional SEO support above and beyond the custom website level. We'll cover this in the marketing conversations and provide this through our web design service.

Deploy Your Internet Presence

All of the details for deployment are carefully planned -- final testing, domain name, hosting and documentation

Host and Support

We offering hosting on our own state-of-the-art equipment. Special sites may benefit from specialized hosting. We know the territory and will identify the services which will give you high availability of the site and peace of mind at night.

Plans are designed to cover all your typical Internet requirements. No hidden charges. All work is done under a support or new development contract.


A company website becomes a living extension of your business. Visitors come to it expecting to find accurate and current information.

Currently, vSC is developing websites on multiple Content Management Systems. At their most basic, they all allow site owners to modify and update the site without intervention of the web designer.

vSC has identified 4 CMSes for our work:

WordPress is the best blogging platform, by far. It is ideally suited to people who want to communicate with a broader audience. WordPress can be adapted to work as a website, and also has a great number of plugins available. vSC customizes WordPress templates and develops websites on the WordPress base.

Joomla! is the 2nd most popular CMS system after WordPress. It has a richer base functionality than WordPress, since Joomla! was designed as a publishing vehicle. The great benefit it has is the number of sophisticated plugins. It is best suited for membership-type applications where pre-written functionality can be acquired and integrated. vSC develops Joomla! websites and customizes templates.

Concrete5 is less well-known in the market, largely because it is a more recent entrant. However, last year it was recognized as growing the fastest in the marketplace. Concrete5 represents the latest generation of CMS, in that it works equally well for developers, designers and end-users. For developing custom web applications, it offers the cleanest design and the most user-friendly interface. vSC performs large scale custom development on the Concrete5 platform.

Umbraco is a Microsoft .NET based CMS, open source, that is considered a top solution in the Microsoft world. For example, it powers Microsoft's own ASP.NET site. This cms offers value complementary to the solutions noted above: it integrates like no other solution with line of business applications and Microsoft Office, through Silverlight. So, if your business has needs to extend the desktop to the Internet, this is certainly an option.


In sum, vSC provides a complete and reliable package for your budgeting purposes, site continuity and support.